Mom and Dad...

We would like to dedicate the fruition of Rhythm In Focus and it's very existence to Mom and Dad.  It is with their love, advice, guidance, financial support and backing that has made our passion for photography a reality for a career path.  Their constant stability as supporting parents has always been a lifelong foundation from which we have been able to grow in our passions and talents.  

They raised us to have great empathy, to be respectful of others as well as each other, to have manners, to say "Please and Thank You" and to be grateful of what we have.  They gave us as children what we needed and not always what we wanted.  They made sure we always felt supported, loved and taken care of.  They taught us to be best friends as sisters.  

They showed us by example how to be successful as business owners through hard work and dedication and to handle it with grace.  They passed along their love to serve people, encouraged us in every endeavor and stood behind us quietly in the background.

You are our mentors in life as well as in business.  It is a blessing to have you, our parents, as best friends and spiritual supporters all wrapped up in one.

We are the Griswalds and so very proud of it! 

We love you, Mom and Dad, and are forever thankful.

Amos and Kimbo