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FOP Day of Unity 9-5-14

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Created 30-Oct-14
Modified 30-Oct-14
FOP Day of Unity 9-5-14

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Shallen Lenhart

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Shallen Lenhart

Home Slideshow

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Created 20-Dec-14
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Home Slideshow

Mom and Dad Portraits

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Created 18-Dec-14
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Mom and Dad Portraits

Christmas Indy 2014

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Created 15-Dec-14
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Legatus Holiday Party -Choir 2014

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Created 14-Dec-14
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Legatus Holiday Party -Choir 2014

Legatus Christmas Party 2014

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Legatus Christmas Party 2014

Counting Crows 2014

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Created 13-Dec-14
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Counting Crows 2014

Ryan Adams 11-6-14

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Created 7-Nov-14
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Ryan Adams 11-6-14

Guestbook for Rhythm In Focus Photography
22.Maggie Berger(non-registered)
So proud of my "sisters" and their amazing accomplishment! What a website! Your beauty comes shining through in all you do!
21.Robert Brown(non-registered)
Splendid work! The concert photos are a standout! It was great chatting with both of you. Your enthusiasm is catching, and certainly evident in your work. J'espere que vous passerez a bon ete'!
20.Shawna Sideris -Bishop(non-registered)
Wow! Super impressive! God has blessed both of you with an amazing gift! I am super excited to work with you in the future! Your aspirations and goals are completely in sync with mine! Good for you ladies to follow your dream!
19.Joel Parris(non-registered)
Great to see your site up. It looks awesome! Best of luck to you both - two of my favorite people...
18.Karen Jacobs(non-registered)
Love the pictures, love the website, love the music, love the dedication. Two amazing women that I feel blessed to call friends. Best of luck and God Bless You Both!!
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